Sunday, October 12, 2014

No. 89 – March 20, 2014 – Will He Ever Forgive Me?

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Graysom came into my life when a friend asked me to watch him for two days while he attended to some personal business. As it turned out, Graysom never went home because we bonded.

Graysom is a talker, trilling and warbling as he looks at you with hope in his eyes. When I took him home he was a small, fluffy ball of gray fur who relaxed in your arms and looked at the world with shiny interest. He still is. But I knew the day would come when I would have to have the little guy neutered. Would he ever forgive me?

Tiger Lady, the first cat my family had when I was around two, turned out to be Tiger, a definite male with King of the Jungle attitude. Tiger, a gorgeous orange tabby, did not live long, He crawled home so bloodied and battered by battle the vet just shook his head.

I found PetFix with a Google search and called. Mary Riffe takes care of scheduling cats and the dread date was agreed on. Soon, the paperwork arrived in the mail.

PetFix is a not-for-profit which is dedicated entirely to spay and neuter services. Mary and Susie Huggins, who staff the office, are volunteers, dedicated to ensuring a smooth and non-traumatic process for cats, dogs, and owners.

The procedure takes place in a van, decked out to provide mobile surgery. PetFix makes the procedure affordable for those who are low-income.

As I drove into the facility Graysom was attempting to escape from his carrier . Clearly, I was a cat-abuser. He had not eaten or drunk since the night before.

The back room held other pets, also clearly worried. The biggest growl came from a tiny dog who had hunkered down under his blankie, eyes and nose alert. The paperwork, already filled out was handed over. Graysom was consigned to his fate.

Mary and Susie love animals, that is why they are there. Every animal is someone special.

When I returned Graysom was very groggy, but had, Susie said, done just fine. Susie went over the going home instructions with me. No stairs, watch the incision, water first, then a tiny bit of food. I nodded.

At home, Graysom wobbled around the room, plumping down and looking at me blankly. Then, he plopped into my lap and buried his head in my arms. I was forgiven.

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