Thursday, October 23, 2014

No. 120 - October 23, 2014 - The CIA Lied

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

G. Robert Blakey is the former general counsel of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), which issued its report in 1979.

At the time Blakey said, “It is time that either Congress or the Justice Department conducts a real investigation of the CIA,” Blakey said at a conference last month. “Indeed, in my opinion, it is long past time.” 
Still angry that his committee was thwarted in September of this year Blakey spoke out at the Assassination Archives & Research Center (AARC) Conference, held on September 26 in Bethesda, Maryland. 
The HSCA was not satisfied with the previous investigations on the assassination of JFK. They wanted answers. The answers were in the National Archives, sealed. The CIA is not budging, so the documents will remain in the Archives until 2017 – or who knows when.
Congress unanimously passed a law in 1992 requiring the release of JFK records. It is now 2014, 22 years later and the CIA is still refusing to cooperate. 
Apparently no one with any access to the continual leak of information today believes Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone assassin, or had anything to do with the JFK murder. This is the conclusion drawn from the ongoing dialog between people, many of them having first hand knowledge of the assassination in 1963. As they get older they grow concerned about what this kind of 'security' has wrought for America. 
Although my respect for Congress is not high they are the people elected to represent us. Why then has every administration since 1992, these include Bush, Senior, Clinton, Bush W, and Obama, not instituted an investigation of the CIA by the Department of Justice or simply closed down the agency? 
This was the course of action Kennedy was considering at the time of his untimely death in Dallas. Curious coincidence there. 
Bush, Senior once headed the CIA. Today the Bush Family and the Clintons are very friendly. And Obama's family worked for the CIA, too. Evidently, those who become presidents, the critical position for doing something about the CIA, are very inclined to accept CIA assurances that all is well. 
Perhaps it is time to take the advice offered by Blakey, “It is time that either Congress or the Justice Department conducts a real investigation of the CIA. Indeed, in my opinion, it is long past time.” 

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