Sunday, October 12, 2014

No. 53 – July 3, 2013 - July the Fourth – To BOLD or not to BOLD, that is the question.


by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

Monique was shocked. County Prosecutor Thomas Sartini decided to to exclude the Charter Amendment, from the ballot because one sentence was not BOLDED. Then he left for Florida, on vacation.

The sentence in question is not to be read by signers, only petition circulators.

I told Monique she should have expected this. She wants to take away their piggy bank, naturally they will react.

WHOEVER COMMITS ELECTION FALSIFICATION IS GUILTY OF A FELONY OF THE FIFTH” This appears directly above where the circulators sign, under penalty of 'election falsification.' You can't miss it.

Monique Kawalek, has spent nearly full time working on the signature drive for the Charter Amendment. She and husband, Dr. Wayne, moved to Ashtabula seeking a clean environment to raise their child and escape from complexities.

But they gave away their moving boxes, and they are not quitters.

Monique's background is in business, ensuring money accomplishes intended goals, and is never wasted. This is who she is. Since Ashtabula is now her home, she started looking at County expenditures and budgets. Horrified, she began asking questions. No answers were forthcoming. Then, she put her requests in the form of Freedom of Information Requests. Still no answers.

Monique has been digging, finding many answers for herself on the many wasteful practices she witnesses and lack of services for people on the edge, who depend on them. These revelations persuaded her action was called for. A group from across the county came together, investing their time and money, to solve problems.

Before the measure achieved enough signatures to be placed on the ballot, County politicians probably thought it could not happen. When it did, someone began poring over the rules looking for a pretense for excluding the measure, which has already proven itself to be far more popular than are they.

The measure provides direct representation for the people in seven districts, each representative working for no more that 14,500 people. It also cuts administrative costs in favor of ensuring people come first.
Bill Clinton asked what “is,” means. Thomas Sartini now sees significance in how the font is BOLDED, as he directs a staff of 23. How did he find time to issue an opinion at the speed of light, when so many other matters are ignored?
It is through their actions they speak truth, revealing both character and real values.

Now, let's Recall them all. 

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