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No. 78 – December 26, 2013 – Gathering the Tribes of Darkness Part II – The Disordered

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Sam Vaknin, Ph.D., is an admitted psychopath who makes a tidy living through his site. His book, “Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited,” is sold on his site. Sam offers consultations and provides a media kit.

The behavioral strategy followed by the disordered is laid out in “The Corporate Psychopath,” by the FBI on their site. This is outlined as beginning “by creating a mask, known as a psychopathic fiction, in the minds of those targeted.” The mask is the disguise the psychopath uses to operate.

Disordered individuals, lacking empathy, work diligently to simulate emotions. They must persuade their potential victims they are trust-worthy. Training classes in these skills are given by other psychopaths.

Their numbers are large enough, 1% according to experts at the University of Chicago, to make it more than likely any normal person will encounter multiple disordered individuals during their lives.

It is also large enough for those who identify themselves as disordered to seek associations with their kind. These associations founded, in self-interest, for instance, share information and resources.

Psychopaths of all kinds, are predators who routinely lie to get what they want. The FBI site credits them with, “superficial charm and grandiose sense of self make them likable on first meeting. Their ability to impress others with entertaining and captivating stories about their lives and accomplishments can result in instant rapport.”

The Disordered come in all kinds, at all levels of intelligence, race, gender, and income.

Resources on the web include such sites as Psychic Vampire, or Tribes of Darkness. This site numbers the community participating in their forum as 5000 and defines a psychic Vampire as “a person, Who by reason of a condition of their spirit, needs to obtain vital energy from outside sources.” The site makes no judgements on what is done, merely asking for donations to off-set the cost of information.

The following instructions for stealing energy from others from their Resources page.

Focus on a donor from across the room.. Reach out with your mind, envision a long tendril extending from your subtle body to the donors.. Attach your tendril so that it penetrates, if it does not the first time...Try again.. Now envision your tendril is hollow, and suck in the energy like a vortex , using your will....As you inhale, draw in the energy.”

Who do you know who might be a psivampire?

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