Sunday, October 12, 2014

No. 61 – August 29, 2013 - Dog Tags, the Bed Bounty, and the Sky Bank Building in Rock Creek.

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

At a recent County Commissioner's Meeting the issue of dog tags was raised. It seems someone was going through the many, many sources the County looks to for funding their ongoing operations and a pair of inquiring eyes realized it had been a long time since the fee for licensing your dog had been raised and the cost of licensing dogs in Ashtabula is lower than other counties. So, they decided they should raise the price.

Some would ask what good it does you, as a citizen and taxpayer, to license your dog or anything else. A license is, “Official or legal permission to do or own a specified thing.” In two counties of Nevada they license prostitution. Since prostitution is generally a crime those purchasing a license do not have to worry about being arrested.

What service do you receive when you buy a license for your dog? Do they inspect the dog to ensure it is healthy? Provide tattooing so your pooch can be returned to you?

Recently, the County Commissioners hired Carl Feather as a bounty hunter to find people who are renting a room in their homes so they can be charged a bed tax. Some people are doing so to make ends meet at a time when money is daily worth less and so must be stretched further. Commissioner Joe Moroski came over to chat with some of us attending after a meeting and was enthusiastic about setting Carl on the hunt. There was money to be found, he said. But what about the impact on people just trying to scratch by, he was asked. A long pause ensued.

Also recently, the new owner of the old Sky Bank in Rock Creek was shocked to discover the property tax on the building was set for taxation, not at its present purchase price, was higher, $35,000, but for its former value. The difference this made in taxes was significant. Instead of starting a business, desperately needed in Ashtabula County, she is now considering a move to Geauga or Lake Counties.

When times are tough it is important to encourage people to try new ways to build their incomes and new businesses, otherwise how are things to improve and people find new ways to prosper? People understand tightening their belts, cutting back, and focusing on essentials.

Ask yourself, can we really afford the government we have today?

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