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No. 36 – March 7, 2013 - Earth Day How We Measure our GNP, Bhutan did.

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

In Lithuania the celebration for Earth Day on March 20th will go on for three days. In Paris, children will celebrate at school.

In Bhutan, the tiny country between Indian and Nepal, they will celebrate Earth day with the International Day of Happiness.

Bhutan changed how they measure their national production this year. Instead of yearly announcing their Gross National Product they will instead announce their Gross National Happiness, measuring the satisfaction of the people. Are they happy, enjoying well-being, and are they, the people prospering?

In Burma, now called, Myanmar, the bell will be rung by AyeAye Thant, daughter of U Thant, the first Secretary General to ring the bell in NY in 1971, on this, Earth Day's 43rd anniversary.
A moment of silence will mark the death of John McConnell, founder of Earth Day, who left us October 20 in Denver at the age of 97.

In New York, on March 20th, at precisely 7:02am,the sound of the Peace Bell will ring out. Around the world, at exactly the same moment other bells will sing out their varied tones.
Two days later, March 22nd, has been declared by UNESCO, the United National International Year of Water Cooperation.

Water is an issue of increasing importance in the world now, with supplies of fresh potable water growing less and less available to people in third world countries and as a resource now being acquired through 'privatization' here in the United States. March 22nd is International Day of Water.

Mary Carlin, a member of the Earth Society Board, commenting this morning, said it is sad the problems the Earth Society hoped to alleviate seem so much worse today. Everyone gathering understands mistakes have been made.

In the parks in California they quote René Dubos as saying, Think Global, but act Local.”
Helen Garland, Earth Society CEO, says Rene never said this. He knew you must understand the Earth as a whole to understand its complexities and avoid doing harm. Would a finger survive if cut off from flow of blood from the heart? Never.

Helen went on to say, We understand today we must be careful to check the facts. We were too trusting. Now, we understand what went wrong and will begin again to ensure these goals are met.” Our mission was, and remains, Peace, Justice and Care of Earth.

At 7:02am, Wednesday, March 20th, listen, bells will be ringing.

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