Sunday, October 12, 2014

No. 64 – September 19 - Foreclosures, Hemp, and Bearcats, Bringing Americans together at Point Purple

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

For many years Americans, divided Right and Left, have been converging, finding agreement on issues which once divided them. The meltdown has told us who can be trusted and what matters.

It's obvious when you examine what most most impact us. In the Foreclosure Movement political parties matters not at all. Former political activists share information and help one another, ignoring irrelevancies. Nothing changes your priorities faster than the need to save your home, ensuring your family has a place to live.

Stalwart Republican women in Colorado are planning to raise hemp today, glad for ways to support their families while making common cause with aging hippies. Survival trumps politics.

Bearcats, the acronym standing for, “Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck,” are becoming standard issue for police in the United States via grant requisitions from such high risk areas for terrorism as Concord, New Hampshire. The town recently acquired its own Bearcat.

As justification, the local Chief of Police, John F. Duval, cited the need to control, “homegrown clusters or individuals who are anti-government and pose problems for law enforcement agencies.” In the original version he named the Free State Project, which has no history of violence of any kind. The real justification? Any opposition to government.

Their Bearcat is, according to Carla Gericke, a member of Free State, used for trips to Dunkin Donuts and to demonstrate policely duties to school children, for now.

If the police had possessed one in Idaho Falls, Idaho, on August 31st they would likely have used it to break up the children's birthday they invaded Answering the complaint of an anonymous caller living a block and a half away, police invaded the party and the family home, assaulting the 79 year old grandmother of the six year old birthday girl. A pregnant woman was threatened and knocked to the floor by police; the mother of a new born threatened with a Tazer, held in her face as she sat holding her baby.

Duval denied any wrong doing or accountability. A video of the entire incident is on the internet where thousands of similar videos of other abuses have been published.

Americans are waking up. Banks are settling mortgage lawsuits. States are beginning to claim their 10th Amendment Rights. And politicians, police, and bankers are edging toward the popularity of used car salesmen because now Americans understand who they can really trust.

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