Sunday, October 12, 2014

No. 88 – March 13, 2014 – Legends of the Fall

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

There are Dark Angels, who rejected God, choosing evil. Light Angels accept God.”

Last Sunday I called Father Teo and the conversation turned first to his prayer ministry and then to his own journey of faith. The Dark Angels of whom Father Teo spoke he also characterized as demons, or psychopaths. I called Father to chat about his ministry for healing psychopaths.

Father Teo is a former Catholic priest whose ministry took him to South America in the 70's, where he started the first Catholic High School for boys in Bolivia.

When his ministry was moved back to the United States Father Teo's own spiritual journey resulted in his leaving the Catholic Church to start an outreach ministry which focused on the sacred feminine and also included working through prayer to heal.

In the last several years Father Teo's congregation have also begun to receive counseling from a licensed psychologist in conjunction with prayer, which he provides along with the prayer group of the church. Where prayer is included, healing the wounds of emotional trauma comes far more rapidly, Father said, this taking place sometimes in only one session.

Dark Angels, those who turn away from God, Father said, are very different. While they can always choose to change most do not. For two years his prayer group, which focuses on psychopaths, worked on one woman, adopted by a family who finally realized, after years of manipulation and trauma, she was a psychopathic.

All the work took place remotely, using a clairvoyant to let them know what was happening in the woman's mind. At the end of two years the signs of psychopathy were gone. Now, a year later, her behavior is still emotionally normal, to the family's relief.

Father Teo says she chose to affirm her relationship with God, even if this was unconscious.

Talk of the Fall in Christian theology begins with Abraham, when three Angels visit him announcing the birth of a son to his wife, Sarah. Images from the Bible include a ladder, stretching from Heaven to Earth. After the Captivity in 450BC angels become an integral part of Jewish religion. Some believe these were actually aliens. Father Teo believes these beings, rejecting God, chose evil, and their continued rejection will damn them to Hell.

Father's work with psychopaths is intended to offer the lost, Dark Angels, a choice. It was a fascinating discussion. 

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